elure | StyleApothecary.com

Miss style Apothecary is loving elure skin brightening products. She states, "I love this stuff, it does a great job of moisturizing and keeping my skin youthful and glowing..


elure | Dermascope

elure is mentioned in the "Worth a Look" section in Dermacope's November 2014 issue.

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elure | Beauty News NYC

Erin Brady from Beauty News NYC featured elure as a skin care system to help eliminate hyperpigmentation.


elure | Fox 32 Chicago

Lifestyle Expert Jaymes Duke Ballard was on FOX Good Day Chicago this morning talking about better versions of some old favorites. He recommends elure as a way to step up your skincare.

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elure | PSP - Plastic Surgery Practice

Elure is included in the September 2014 issue of Plastic Surgery Practice. The product is featured as one of Dr. Jason Emer's favorite brightening products, "“I love this product.

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elure’s Science
The elure treatment will improve any uneven discoloration associated with aging and sun damage, resulting in a brighter skin appearance.
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elure’s best-selling Advanced Brightening Lotion is now 50% large!

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As a Dermatologist, I believe elure represents a new paradigm in skin brightening.

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As a Dermatologist, I believe elure represents a new paradigm in skin brightening. In our study comparing elure with other available skin brightening products, I am seeing faster, more dramatic results with excellent tolerability. My patients are amazed and excited by the results they are seeing in as early as one week of use. They cannot wait to include elure into their daily skin treatment regimen.

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Tess Mauricio MD
Dermatologist, San Diego , CA

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